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After following your advice I joined the free Automated Profit Package program. I'm now doing very well for myself and I'm averaging £350 per week!

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Matthew Colton, 23 from Glasgow

Thank you for your excellent recommendations and information. Especially the free internet marketing e-course. I would have happily paid for information like this.

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Samantha Robertson, 28 from Cardiff

I have been searching the internet for a few months trying to figure out the how to make money online. I joined My Home Wealth System as per your recommendation and I made £200.00 in my first week! I have also started using eBay Best Seller and the results so far are more than encouraging!

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PLR Traffic - Guaranteed Tactics

PLR Traffic Guaranteed Tactic 1: Viral Report Traffic

E-books which are specially made for being distributed by a person who owns a copy of it, are known as viral e-books. Everyone who downloads the e-book needs to pass it down to their contacts that in effect passes it to their contacts and this is how the list continues.

The e-books are meant to generate web based traffic which converts into profits. They in turn create lists which are turned into profit when your name is branded thus making the business grow. It is something that can be automatically done without you having to work harder once the e-books are released.

Viral e-books are helpful and highly effective – plain awesome. You can easily turn a good quality PLR report and assemble a few into a product or e-book which can be passed down. All that is needed for being done is to modify the web content to a small extent.

The title may be altered a little bit or tweaked into making it something that is attractive for the readers or buyers who would be interested. You can even come up with a controversial conclusion or introduction. If you are in need of a viral e-book to be passed down, it needs to be spun into something that is exciting, useful or contradictory.

If for instance you have the PLR content which is based on giving a natural diet for pet dogs, you should know in the first place that the topic is rather bland. You need to add spice to the topic by basing the report on a controversial basis stating that people who feed commercial food to the pets risk the health of their beloved pet.

Come up with a good title which needs to be something like ‘Are You Poisoning Your Puppy?’ This is merely an example and you can do similarly in any niche by creating any kind of PLR content which currently lies on the hard drive.

Secret of Going Viral: If there is a cool, controversial, useful or entertaining report, it is likely that people will pass it along. If for example, you give them the choice of inserting their links into a report, are they likely to pass it along? They will because as they are passing it down, they will have all the chances of making a passive income at the backend. This is at the same time an excellent incentive of encouraging the readers for getting the viral e-book concept thriving.

You will be able to benefit as well because all of the links in your report point towards your products and the double tiered affiliate programs. When anyone re-brands the report and forwards it, you are actually attracting a steady part of traffic or backend income fast and easy.

If this appears a lot of hard work, rest assured that it is not because all that you should do is spend few moments after your report with a re-brander like ViralPDF.com. Thereafter, every affiliate and prospect downloading your report will use the tool for re-branding the report along with their personal links.

You can get started by posting a report on the blog and sending it to the newsletter subscribers or posting in the affiliate forums and sending it to the affiliates. The affiliates will understand how the re-brandable viral report can help you make money as then you will have no worries convincing them for re-branding it and mailing it to the lists.

PLR Traffic Guaranteed Tactic 2: PLR Blog Traffic

You may use the above mentioned technique by spinning a bland PLR into contradictory information resource except for posting the web content on your site or blog. This is a great way of starting your blog which increases both in content as well as in terms of its popularity.

As far as blogging is concerned, every post does not need to be necessarily controversial or even shocking although it would help if you can sprinkle a few attention seeking articles within the other regular blog posts. It is important to make your blog posts filled with good quality information, something that makes the visitors get back to see all that you need to mention next.

For drawing the maximum of search engine traffic, you need to determine the words and phrases which the market includes for getting to the niche products, services and information. This can be done by visiting a keyword tool like WordTracker.com and plugging in the most commonly used keywords in the niche.

Within seconds you can have innumerable identical keywords. You can even know the traffic which is derived from these keywords and the number of web masters that are contending for the same keywords.

If you are not a search engine specialist, select a word which might not derive huge traffic, but does not have much competition at the same time. There may be hundreds of such keywords and in a short span of time, you can pull out major traffic.

The final step is rewriting the PLR content, by about 20% to 30% using the same keywords. Use the keywords in the title and distribute them all through the article at a keyword density of about 2% to 3%. This means that your keywords should be present in the article about twice in 100 words.

Load the rewritten search engine optimized articles to the blog and visit the blog directories for visiting your website through pingoat.com. Keep watching in the upcoming weeks as you generate free traffic from search engines.

Insider Traffic Generation Technique with PLR: Are you involved with Squidoo? If the answer is a ‘no’, then you should get started as it is another way of using PLR content for building web pages which draw immense website traffic.

Search engines are in love with Squidoo.com and if you build a website on it, you may rest assured of it being indexed by Google or other popular search engines. Moreover, Squidoo ranks pages themselves for their visitors. If you rank high, the people will see the Squidoo lens more thereby clicking on your website or affiliate links.

This means you can upload the PLR content to the website for topping the search engines.

PLR Traffic Guaranteed Tactic 3: Bookmarking

By using social bookmarking, you can get appropriate tags for your website in the appropriate categories. If the idea of having to rewrite the content does not suit your taste, social bookmarking is a convenient option as it helps generate content from the high web traffic based web 2.0 websites.

However, instead of bookmarking the bland content, you need to focus on bookmarking or rating your website. This basically means that you choose the best PLR content for posting on your blog or website. People will not bookmark your content if it is generic, so make sure it is dynamic and edgy for allowing web 2.0 online traffic social bookmarking.

Tips for Bookmarking: To make bookmarking effective, you need to put the right buttons on your page to help visitors bookmark your website easily. This improves rankings and that means that more and more people will start visiting the site and bookmark it. The most high traffic and popular bookmarking sites are:

PLR Traffic Guaranteed Tactic 4: Audio Traffic

Popularize your audios as people love listening to audio more than reading text and you can offer the audio file to the people in the MP3 format which they can easily carry on their iPods. According to some, the information which is conveyed in the form of audio files is more valuable especially if the audio as well as textual versions are offered. If that happens to be the case, the audiences will be keener to go through your audio files as they will deem it to be more expensive.

If you have the voice of a speaker and a microphone, it can be done by yourself. Select a web based audio editor like the Hi-Q Audacity and record the content there. Then edit it and convert that to an MP3 file for uploading to your website. If you are not technically competent, there are voiceover artists whom you can hire from websites like voices.com. You may even look up on elance.com, which is a site for outsourcing work.

If you are outsourcing the service, make sure you are working with a reliable and competent professional. Ask them if they can handle the technical elements of the job as MP3 file conversion etc. Once the podcast or audio book is done, use it for lead generation for your mailing list. Go for a downloadable format with textual transcripts. This is exactly how you would use text content, although with a different format.

Pull in the audio traffic in the best possible manner: This is done by making the content available through blogging or podcasts which allows the audio based content to get syndicate to thousands of people seeking for audio content in your given niche. Websites like the following are the most popular:


PLR Traffic Guaranteed Tactic 5: Video Traffic

You can transform your PLR web content into a fresh new format by creating videos which are based around the content. Offering entertaining, informative or shocking stuff will be highly desired. You might have heard widely of as well as visited Youtube.com and if yes, you must already be aware of the extent to which such a web site can be popular among the people and surfers who visit the internet on a daily basis.

There are ample ways through which the video website can augment your traffic. As usual, the rule is to go for something which is sensational, controversial, entertaining or shocking. If your video is made in the similar format, it gets a better chance in becoming viral once it is posted on the video sharing web sites.

There are different ways and methods through which you can prepare videos online. In case you need to make the video look just like the PowerPoint presentation variety, you can effectively make use of the Camtasia Studio along with a great microphone, which will be more than enough to cater to your needs and requirements.

In case on the other hand, you are planning to go for something which has a more traditional look and appeal, you will need a good quality digital camera, microphone, good lighting and a good looking backdrop. Moreover, you will need a few more things and this includes software that capacitates you to edit the video which you are about to upload using the services of Windows Movie Maker. In the least, you will need to edit the video so that the URL of it is shown beneath the video and definitely at the conclusion.

Once your video has been created and is ready, it is ready for being submitted to some of the popular and well known file sharing web sites, the first choice among which is YouTube.com. One of the major reasons as to why this website is chosen by a number of people out there is because of its popularity and extensive appeal, which implies that it generates the maximum amount of traffic. You may however, consider making the submission of the video to other websites as well and that includes the following portals:

PLR Traffic Guaranteed Tactic 6: Yahoo Answers Traffic and Yahoo Forums

Registering with the forums in your special niche allows you to be a member of any targeted community. It allows you to make thoughtful posts as well as sae on your time.

One of the best ways by far with the help of which you can establish your identity as an expert in the domain of internet marketing is by registering with the forums in your given niche and by becoming a member of an online community you need to make thoughtful postings. However, there is one obstacle or problem which you can encounter in this context.

The problem with the issue is that it takes time in visiting the forums and you can create thoughtful answers to the questions which are being asked. However, this is something which can be prevented only if you are able to post PLR content and consequently save on your time.

But then, there is something you need to beware of: Do not make a posting of a long PLR article in full as if you are doing this, you will appear to be more interested in displaying that you want to gain from the posting instead of helping the community out.

What you can do in this context is that you may make snippet postings from your own PLR and then indicate the readers to a certain link on the blog which answers the questions in some detail. In this context, you need to be aware of a couple of things. They are as follows:

You can use the PLR web content for establishing yourself as a pro through posting your content at Yahoo Answers at http://answers.yahoo.com. As for the relevant components of the PLR content, you may post them and answer the questions by posting a link on your website as the basis of the information you are providing.

Final Words

If you know that you will need content for getting your share of online sales in any niche, you need to go for PLR content. The content may be created or outsourced but then if you need too much of it and that too at a suitable price, go for content which has private label rights. Use the strategies outlined in the report, and see your bankroll fatten!

If making money with PLR products isn't for you, then we recommend you check out our 'Top Recommendations' page for reviews on our top rated make money systems online.

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