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PLR - Tactic 4:Start With a Money Making Blog

If done right, you can make lots of money for yourself by Blogging.

You can have success by going for great and quality driven content and monetize it with various kinds of revenue generators. Darren Rowse from Problogger.net has advised that bloggers who are looking ahead to make an income from their blogging should diversify their areas of interest across multiple streams of revenue so that all their eggs are not focused on a single basket.

In fact, according to Darren, he earns an additional $100000 annually from his over 20 blogs. Being a professional blogger, he knows the pros and cons of creating a blog on making money. You should actually go through Problogger.net to understand the concept.

  1. Find a Niche: Some of the best blogs have been ideal newsletters which have unique things to offer to the readers. You need to do thorough research on the topics or industry you want to blog about. The present day blogs all cover unique angles and in this context, you need to go for a perspective which is hitherto unexplored. What is the information readers will be interested in?

Once your unique angle has been located, have a great slogan and name for your blog. It is significant to make the blog outstanding so that your visitors remember you.

  1. Choose the Software: WordPress is highly recommended as it is highly flexible. Wordpress is open source software and this means anyone can use the software on their website free of cost. There are ample developers out there creating plugins which add functionality to your website.

As Wordpress may be installed on the individual server, it allows you better control. In case you are hesitating about installing your individual software, don’t worry as the instructions are not difficult to follow.

  1. Get the Blog Customized: Another advantage of choosing Wordpress is that it offers ample free templates. It makes your blog page look dynamic and if you are in need of some of the unique options, try the Official Wordpress Theme Page. There are a lot of plug ins which almost all the bloggers can benefit from. There are a few plugins from which every blogger can make the maximum benefit. Given below are some of the best available ones, and the websites from where you can download these:

    • WP-Polls: This is a plugin which helps you add in a totally featured poll into the blog. As it can add a fresh new menu choice in the Wordpress admin area, it is easy to add, alter or delete the new polls.

    • Recent Posts: This is one website which allows to add an area in your sidebar where your latest posts are shown. It is a great way of attracting the attention of the reader by taking them to other posts which they might like to check out.

    • Subscribe Me: This plugin adds buttons automatically to the sidebar, allowing visitors to add the RSS feed of your blog to the type of newsreader they choose.

    • WP-Quotes: One of the great ways for adding changing content to the blog is through the WP Quotes device. It helps load a database with your quotes as well as displays them at random or assigns particular quotes to certain posts.

    • WP-Cron: This is a plugin which adds into the administrative elements of Wordpress as it helps you to schedule particular functions which are included in the admin panel of Wordpress. There are several kinds of helper plug ins depending on the primary plug in. The WP-Cron Moderation is a plugin which sends an email each hour regarding the comments which await moderation.

    • The greatest feature of the plugin is that perhaps it includes the possibility of scheduling backups. Once the WP-Cron Moderation plugin is enabled, you can schedule the daily backup of the Wordpress database for sending to an email id. Just set it down and forget it because the backups will be executed on an everyday basis without requiring special effort

    • AdSense Deluxe: If you use Wordpress along with Google AdSense, it can be a great plugin as it allows you to conveniently embed the Publisher Network or Google AdSense ads into your blog posts. The best feature is that it offers you a space where you may preview the ads and demonstrate what can be displayed against a certain post with the help of a test account. Click on the ads and check if they lead anywhere without counting the impression or violating the terms and conditions. Although this is not exactly what needs to be displayed, it will give you a thorough idea.

    • WP-ContactForm: Adding the contact form to the blog for making it convenient for the visitors to get in touch with you is the feature which this plug in offers without listing your email id.

    • Subscribe to Comments: Visitors usually leave comments which they want to track, although they forget checking back or select not to as there is no easy way of doing that. This plugin solves the problem as there is a checkbox placed beside the comment form which allows the visitors to check the box easily by receiving email updates with comments added to the blog post.

    • Akismet: Wordpress blogs often face the problem of spam comments and this plugin helps in weeding out spam.

  1. Set Up ‘Content Drip’: The best way to get a good blog is updating it once in a day. If it is asking for too much, set up the Content Drip which will allow you to make a post everyday without logging in.

The drip works by allowing you to enter several posts at a time and assign them for being posted on your blog page on a certain schedule. This is made easy by Wordpress as once a post has been made, you can set the date of ‘Published On’ to any day that you want. Once that date comes, the blog post will be automatically updated without additional effort required to develop the page.

  1. Adding Multiple Streams of Revenue: You can make more money out of your blog by using different tracks for generating revenue as possible without causing distraction to your readers. It is important to remember the significance of developing a loyal reader base for ensuring the enduring success of the blog. This is why you should not intimidate your readers by having your blog appear like an ad.

You can earn money out of your blog in the following ways:

    • Promote your services and products: You can make the maximum amount of money by promoting your own services and products. Mention them in the posts whenever possible. If you do not have the products of your own, go through the business plans in the report and create a few of them with PLR content. This is both quick and easy.

    • Recommend the Products and Services of Other People: There is no dearth of products which you can promote as an affiliate. You can introduce the services and products to your readers by writing a review of it and incorporate it into the informational post. No matter what you do, ensure that it is uniquely written and tells people regarding the product itself without using the provided affiliate materials since readers can spot a sales copy quickly.

    • Register with an Ad Program: A well liked ad program for the bloggers is the Chitika Mini-Malls which lets you add pictures and the ‘buy now’ buttons for electronic products, makeup and baby supplies. You may even add the products of Amazon.com to the blog posts. Try the eBay listings as all of them are high revenue generators when is used in the relevant context.

    • Sell Ad Space: Several services are used for helping the sellers and the blog connect with the ad buyers. Once the blog gets some traffic you might want to explore the option as another stream of revenue. The largest services in this context are that of TextLink Ads, although a Google search will show other options as well.

    • Use AdSense Ads in your Blog Posts: This can be easily done with the help of the AdSense-Deluxe WordPress Plugin. If you follow the instructions, you can add the AdSense tool to any of your posts.

    • Post at PayPerPost.com: The services of PayPerPost.com match the advertisers who are after links on the blogs that have bloggers waiting to make money through link posting. For all the posts that are made for the advertiser, you can earn a minimum amount of $5. It might not be too much but it is a great way for making extra cash while creating a blog of your own.

  1. Publicize: Publicizing through word of mouth is an important way of getting your blog noticed. This is done through pinging which means to notify other websites when your blog is updated. There are different services which track blogs and publish the details of when they have been updated for providing readers with updated content.

Through pinging the services, you are allowing them to know that you have updated your blog for allowing them to index and crawl your website. This increases the popularity of your blog and thereby traffic.

WordPress has an inbuilt pinging feature and this means that whenever a new post is made, the ping gets automatically sent without you having to work for it. The WordPress Admin section offers more information on this. Go to the Options menu and select Writing. The Update Services are located at the lower part of the screen.

WordPress sends Ping-o-Matic a ping by default and this is a service which transfers the ping information to above 15 popular blog directories. However, Ping o Matic may not index certain blogs that you would choose to use. These can be added by typing the ping address in your Update Services box.

You can add the Technorati directory and despite Ping-o-Matic sending information to them, Technorati’s official website recommends direct pinging. You can do this adding http://rpc.technorati.com/rpc/ping in their Update Services box.

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