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Matthew Colton, 23 from Glasgow

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Samantha Robertson, 28 from Cardiff

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PLR - Tactic 1:Make Audio Products

The online audio products sell like hot cakes, and this is a trend which is rising since everyone has MP3 players. Everyone can purchase the products they want, upload them on the MP3 and listen to the songs or content while they are walking their dog, cleaning their homes or working out.

This is when you should consider your first business plan as it is the process through which PLR content is used for creating your audio products. Trust us: it is easier than you ever thought!

  1. Go for a Topic of your Choice: Before creating a product of your own, you should determine the topic which you will cover. There are various ways through which you can research the popular topics. You can visit forums, go through offline and online publications, research the keywords which people are looking for and see what is hot on Amazon and eBay.

All the content which is available to the Elite Members is well researched for ensuring that the topics are provided which allow members to make money out of the product. You will find everything here from articles and reports on business issues to hot niches to health topics. The keyword lists are included to help you get ideas on positioning the content for making it more profitable.

Once you have located the primary information for your MP3 audio product, you should look out for additional information which you may add. By integrating different kinds of PLR content, you can create a product which is different from what is being offered by others. Using a single PLR content implies that others may conveniently recreate your product.

  1. What is Your Purpose? Do you want to market your digital audio product? Would you like to use it for a membership site? You may even sell the product and add it to all the other products for driving web traffic to your website.

Here are a few ways through which you can use the audio product:

You may sell the product as a physical or digital product. The audio products have higher perceived valuation and this is why they can be used for charging a premium. Something which sells for about $37 as an e-book may amount to $67 for an audio digital product and $97 for a physical audio commodity. This can be a major disparity in terms of the amount that you can make with a bit of extra effort. If the e-book version comes along with the audio version, your market potential will be greatly expanded.

Use it to generate a list of your own. You may build a list with a free giveaway and impress your potential customers by offering them the audio product in return for giving their name or email id.

Use the product to offer front end value to the users. More of front end products can be mentioned later on, but then it is basically important to sell something for an amount which is considerably less than its due value as it helps create potential buyers. Such a list is more valuable than a listing of prospects as the proven buyers are likely to get back.

Knowing before starting to utilize the audio is crucial as it determines whether you start a lengthy audio session or a few shorter sessions. It might even influence your choice.

  1. Understand the Way in which Information will be presented: You may just go through the PLR content in detail if you need as it has helped many people get the results that they want. However, with creative approaches, you may present the PLR for the audio product you are creating.

    • Interview: You should act as an expert so that a friend can interview you regarding the concerned topic. For keeping the answers professional and focused, you need to organize the questions before time and get the answers written down.

    • Q&A Session: With a series of Q&As concerning the PLR web content for the audio product, you may ask or answer the questions accordingly.

    • Information Class: Place the information in such a manner that it may be presented as a detailed course. Begin with the essential information as your introduction should be good. After that, you can move on to the advanced topics thereon. If the topic demands it, you may also create worksheets for including along with the audio MP3 as an added bonus!

    • Series: Some topics can be ideally presented in the form of a series of audio addresses rather than a long address. Dividing the content makes it easier for the customers to employ it like a learning tool and thus obtain higher perceived value.

    • Live Session: Doing a live session with the audience helps you improve your presentation skills. You may invite your colleagues and friends and mention the information in the forums to collect listeners. You can field the questions to a live audience once the core information has been presented.

  1. What is the Technology Used? It is easy to use teleconferencing for the audio product as it allows Free Conferencing. Even if it is free and easy to use, it offers the recordings without charging extra bucks. Hence, once through, you may download your .MP3 file within an hour and upload it to the website or even burn it into a CD. Could it be any simpler? Since you are not charged for conferencing or recording, you can redo the process as many times you require.

If you are keen on interviewing someone but are do not want to pay for the long distance, you may use their 1-800 service which will cost you about $0.08 per minute. You are not required to buy the minutes which you do not need, and this basically means that you pay as you proceed.

  1. Create a Transcript: You should create a transcript for the audio product as it will increase your sales. iDictate happens to be a suitable transcription service which helps you upload a .MP3 file. Within a day’s time, you will be equipped with your professional transcript to get started for marketing your audio product online. One of the downsides of this is that these jobs are priced according to the word count and this is why it may be tough to know the exact amount which you are required to pay before time.

If making money with PLR products isn't for you, then we recommend you check out our 'Top Recommendations' page for reviews on our top rated make money systems online.

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