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PLR - Tactic 3:Have A Physical Product

Most of the markets can have a physical product which can be sold at a significantly higher rate than any digital product as it contains a better and increased perceived value. Remember to use it to your benefit by offering the customers the option of an electronic as well as a printed adaptation of the CDs and books.

There are no problems of getting increased requests for refunds and charge backs as far as a physical product or service is concerned. It is after all tough for the bank honoring the charge backs if there is proof that any physical product has been shipped. Moreover, people are not probable to ask for refunds in case they have to pack it and return the product.

With the best services available, several new services are also being introduced to ‘create on demand’. It does not require added work or expenditure for getting a physical product.

  1. Choose a Product of Your Own: The first step in which you can create any physical product is by devising a business plan. You need to decide the purpose of your product and the PLR content you are about to utilize. A great way through which you can locate the other products available is by researching Amazon.com which will give you an idea as to what has already been published on the given topic which you are considering.

If there is a lot of competition, it is a positive sign as it implies that the market is strong. With a captivating business plan, you can create a product of your own in a competitive market, but then you should focus on creating a product that is better than what is already available.

  1. Locate a Printer: In the past, getting a physical product implied locating a publisher for getting thousands of printed copies. Then, you would have to keep the CDs or books piled right up to the ceiling within the spare room, or store them in the warehouse. Thankfully, today, the process is a lot easier.

With companies like Lulu.com and CafePress.com or Disk Makers, you can get your products published on demand before sending them away to your customers. You do not have to give them a minimum order number and there are no restrictive setup fees. It is good that Lulu.com and CafePress.com have a busy market where the book gets listed without additional charges. This additional distribution channel is lucrative for the self publishers.

  1. Get an Amazon Listing on your Product: Amazon is one of the largest online booksellers and this is why if your product is listed with Amazon, it implies tremendous exposure. Although it takes some effort, it is easily possible for getting the product included on the website. You can get the UPC for CDs or DVDs, or the ISBN for the books.

By publishing through Lulu.com and CafePress.com, you need to look for the packages that they have including the relevant bar codes and numbers. To purchase an International Standard Book Number or ISBN, you need to pay a visit to the ISBN Agency.

After the ISBN has been acquired, you will need the barcode, which can be done with the help of software. You may even go for the Bar Code Graphics that generates a barcode number with the ISBN for about $10.

The UPC is distributed solely to the members of the Uniform Code Council or UCC, although it requires a considerable amount of money to get registered. You also need to pay a certain fee as a member. For a lot of self publishers, a unique alternative would be to buy the UPC code from any reseller. Subdivisions Media Inc. is a retailer that charges $100 for the first UPC code and the additional codes for $35. Simply Barcodes sells UPC codes each for $89.

Disc Makers offer free UPC codes.

Create Your Amazon Account

Once the ISBN and UPC code has been acquired, you may create the Amazon Advantage account for as much as $29.95 a year. 55% of the initial list price is kept as commission by Amazon.

Once you have applied for the membership for creating an account of your own with Amazon, the company will require a few weeks for approving your title before you have mailed your product to them. Remember, you need to wait for approval from Amazon before mailing your product to them. Amazon will then send you an email request generally for a couple of copies which need to be sent promptly.

The orders for the future are likely to come with Amazon getting sales from your book. A few can be typically ordered at a time, although if the seller is a big name, you need to furnish them with more numbers. Whatever the situation, you will not be paid until somebody purchases the product from Amazon.

Get Better Exposure on Amazon

With several methods, you can augment your Amazon exposure, like by offering a scan of the book cover which is an easy step for making your product different.

You can even go for the Search Inside the Book program of Amazon.com and participate in it. If you want, the entire content of your book can be scanned or made searchable through the search engine of Amazon. This makes the people, who are looking for keywords that are used throughout the book, locate your book conveniently.

If making money with PLR products isn't for you, then we recommend you check out our 'Top Recommendations' page for reviews on our top rated make money systems online.

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