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Thank you for your excellent recommendations and information. Especially the free internet marketing e-course. I would have happily paid for information like this.

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I have been searching the internet for a few months trying to figure out the how to make money online. I joined My Home Wealth System as per your recommendation and I made £200.00 in my first week! I have also started using Home Online Jobs and the results so far are more than encouraging!

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PLR - Tactic 7 : eBay is Your Lead Creator

ith over 200 million users, eBay earns revenue of over $28 million against different categories of products. If that is the figure which it comes to everyday, can you imagine the impact that a fraction of this revenue could imply for your business? Sydney Johnston who created Auction Genius Course and is known as the Auction Queen has encountered tremendous success on the eBay portal. She started by using the portal for selling products, although her focus has now changed and today she uses the website for lead generation.

According to Sydney, physical products are suitable to generate cash especially when you are in need of money. Once the financial problems have been solved, you need not worry about paying the bills and can then focus on building wealth instead of drawing your attention to the cash flow. The lead generation is done through eBay and this is how Sydney came across a wealth plan so that she did not need to sell too many physical products.

Sydney’s plan is really a simple one and it is to create mini web sites on a particular niche and generate leads after that through eBay, search engine optimization and article marketing. This is a science which is being advocated by Sydney that presently she is creating a website every couple of weeks. Here is her plan step by step:

  1. Research for Hot Topics on eBay: You can get ahead with little less effort in case you are in search of a hungry market. Then, you can give your customers what they are looking for. Sadly enough, this is something internet marketers tend to overlook as they end up choosing topics in which they seem to be interested and then go ahead looking for a market for the products. This is in fact much easier to do - to locate what the people are looking for and provide for it.

Making sales on eBay is something which is not exceptional. For attaining best results, you can make use of the eBay Marketplace Researcher tool which helps you understand what the people are looking for. It is already elaborated on the eBay website and helps you to access as much as 90 days of the eBay completed items historical data. What is the demand for all the items which you are keen on selling with the charts of average bids against every individual item, total number of items completed and others? Go for top searches within the category or the total website to check what the buyers are looking for.

  1. Create a Mini Website of Your Own: Once a good topic has been chosen, Sydney has a mini website with about 30 pages or so which has information packed articles, information products for sale, recommendations for affiliate programs and AdSense ads. These are referred to as wealth websites and this is what the business is made of. The following criteria should be kept in mind for creating a mini website for your business:

    • It should be profitable

    • It should be capable of putting on autopilot

    • It should stand

Sydney’s income goal for the new websites is about $10 per day and although that is not much, if there are about 10 such websites ready, you can make about $365000 every year. This is neither too shabby. Once they are set with all of the websites and are functioning on autopilot, it continues to run indefinitely. This will be elaborately discussed on step 6.

  1. Assemble the Product Details on eBay: Assembling an information product is something that can be done as simple as integrating different articles. Once you have the info product, remember to address people to your web page for added information, related products, special deals or registering with your newsletter, among others. The aim of marketing the info product is creating interest in the website and this is the reason as to why you need to spend time including the compelling reasons why the buyers need to visit your website.

  1. List the Product Information on eBay for about $0.99: According to the words of Sydney, the aim of the info product is generating leads and this is irrespective of the money which you are making at the eBay auctions. If it is the money that you are looking for, this is what your goal should be.

If you have an auction at eBay, you have a choice to select about one of the couple of goals. The first goal is to make a huge amount of money through whatever products you are selling which is actually the cash flow. The second goal that you should look towards is to attain the targeted lead. This is what the process of building wealth is all about. This is something that helps Sydney to get her $10 everyday from AdSense and an info product on your website.

The way through which Sydney is able to do this is really a simple one. The rules of the eBay website define the cheapest pricing with which you can market your info product on the web site eBay. It is $0.99 if you are about to sell multiples. Sydney had used the $0.01 auctions always for her purpose and she is still able to do them one at a time, but then at this stage, it is not high paying enough.

What Sydney does instead is that she creates an auction that sells an info product of $0.99 and she gives away much of the product, which translates gradually into over delivering according to Ken Evoy. If you have an e-book as well as a host of articles to complement it, it can be an incredible bargain actually.

It is something which costs her about $0.20 for listing $0.99 info product on the eBay for a single auction. After that, when a product is sold, it is sold at $0.05. When Sydney is making $0.99, it is something that really does not matter. This means that she is in effect creating a classified advertisement which is compatible with eBay and that is totally abiding by their rules, and nothing sneaky.

Then this product is put up there and is experimented with until it starts producing something which is equivalent to the return which is expected of the product. This means that for an amount that is a little more than $10 per year, you get to display a permanent advertisement on eBay.

You may have as many as 15 different kinds of products which are the same. Sydney creates variations in them such as ‘asthma for kids’, ‘asthma for teens’ or ‘asthma for all those living in cold climates’. This can be varied to an extent which makes it look as a totally different product.

You can leave the things right up there every year waiting for them to churn out the money for you. Moreover, at the rate of $0.20 per auction, it does not require much money for being profitable. You can use the ideal software which can re-list your products on the website eBay which is on autopilot. You can interfere with the auction a little bit so that it carries on a little longer, before re-listing and re-list again and again. It is the world’s cheapest ad option.

Within the info products, you will be able to locate different types of website links which will take the people back to Sydney’s website for a variety of reasons. You may give away something totally free of cost such as a newsletter or a coupon or a Private Label or even affiliate links.

  1. Approach Others for Promoting your Report: One of the tricks to be used by Sydney is that she has approached the other people who are selling the products on eBay which are associated with the report which is being promoted by her. This is offered in the form of an instant free download which the seller at eBay can give anyone making a purchase of the product. Moreover, they can get the content which is interesting for the customers and Sydney obtains her report including the plug for the mini website before all the people who expressed desire or interest in the topic.

  1. Put the Website on Autopilot: Once the promotions have been paid off and the website is making about $10 per day, Sydney decides to put the website on autopilot. The amount might come to about $11.46 or $8.97 in the market according to her.

The way through which she does that is through the software which has been prepared by her tech partner. The software engages in call dripping with roughly 30 articles near the drip software and an additional 30 which are added. It adds other articles automatically every couple of weeks without Sydney having to work for it. This means she does not need to mess with the website again for the next two years and a half. She can create the website, have it for $10 and move on to the next.

This does not however mean that she can build the website and after that things come to a standstill. This is not the idea, as there are about 3 to 5 websites which she is promoting at any given time. Whatever the info product which you select, from an e-book, audio product or a special report for that matter, this online method is a great way of generating leads at eBay. This can be done round the clock, throughout the day, and round the year.

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