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Matthew Colton, 23 from Glasgow

Thank you for your excellent recommendations and information. Especially the free internet marketing e-course. I would have happily paid for information like this.

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Samantha Robertson, 28 from Cardiff

I have been searching the internet for a few months trying to figure out the how to make money online. I joined My Home Wealth System as per your recommendation and I made £200.00 in my first week! I have also started using Home Online Jobs and the results so far are more than encouraging!

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PLR - Tactic 8 : Build a Great List Through Traffic Exchanges

Recently traffic exchanges have received a bad impression. People are looking ahead to get rich in the quickest possible manner and try them for a few days when they do not find the immediate results these are touted as a wastage of time. However, there are too many people who are building their own list with the help of traffic exchanges.

One such person is Jon Olson who owns Hit Exchange 101. As far as his experience at traffic exchange goes, Jon had started with the process of traffic exchange while trying to endorse a music band which he had been managing in 1999. This is the best possible source of website traffic which he has ever used. There are a variety of reasons as to why Jon feels that traffic exchanges do not work for most of the people out there.

First and foremost, if you are to make the fullest use of traffic exchanges, you need to be a little patient with yourself. Most of the people lack patience and end up encountering failures. The basis of internet marketing is that you need to set about it and then forget it. To get good and positive results as far as traffic exchange is concerned, you need to sweat it out.

Moreover, with people trying to sell every time, the need in traffic exchange is to sell from the back end. The generic affiliate pages generally do not work out here and this is something that holds true till date. The pages are promoted in most of the exchanges. This is why people in ignorance tend to consider traffic exchange less seriously. In fact, there is more to the process than putting up a web page in the exchange and surfing to get credits.

In the words of Jon, you can be successful in the field of traffic exchange by acting like a sponge through soaking up as much of information as is possible. There are ample varieties of amazing information and you can actually create your business on traffic exchanges, although everyone cannot make action. You need to go out there and identify all those who are in the business, or learn about the terms, join the forums and attend weekly seminars – like a sponge.

  1. What is your Objective? Jon is highly confirmed regarding the things that should not be promoted in the traffic pages. While you are promoting the generic affiliate websites, remember that the traffic exchanges are placed on a timer of about 10 to 30 seconds. Hence, there’s no point promoting a sales letter of 15 pages. Since people surf to earn credits, and not read a novel, you need to promote accordingly.

It also helps if you understand the kind of people who are using traffic exchanges. These are like entrepreneurs who want to make money. Asking them to get going with a needlepoint may not sell highly with this niche although you can focus on the related business and health topics instead.

  1. Select a Giveaway which helps Build a Quality List: You need to remember that the ultimate goal for you is to be ready with a targeted list. With more members in your list, you will know that they are keen to know about the product you sell and they will be more and more interested in purchasing from you. This should be remembered while projecting the giveaway offer.

For instance, if you want to market information relating to keeping the heart healthy, you can get a wonderful free report called ‘Suggestions for Ensuring the Health of a Busy Entrepreneur’. The audience will then be able to identify with your report and you can immensely augment your response rate.

  1. What are your Traffic Exchanges? With the paid as well as free options, you can choose the one which is best depending on if you have the resources like time or money for devoting to the traffic exchange. Whatever the choice, you need to make sure that you are thorough with your research before deciding the exchanges you will participate in as they are not equally created.

  1. Establish the Mailing List Software: With the help of a dependable mailing list solution, you can easily create prospects. It will make it easier for you to unsubscribe and subscribe on your own and this means that you have to waste less of time in managing your list. With the help of professionally handled mailing software, you can get higher delivery rates. Important mailing list providers are engaged with the big ISPs such as AOL, Hotmail and Yahoo so as to allow your messages delivered beyond the spam filters instead of resulting in bulk mail.

For reliable mailing list and autoresponder services, you can access aweber.com which offers affordable solutions which will increase along with your business. You should definitely check this one out as Jon himself uses them with advantageous results.

  1. Create a Splash Page: You can always succeed with the help of the traffic exchanges through a killing splash page. In case you do not want to lose out, get cosy with the splash pages which are short and highly purpose oriented pages which tell visitors all about what you are offering them. The prospects will see this once they click on the listing at the traffic exchanges. Hence it needs to attract their attention instantly and have them take action. Using splash pages can be done with hiring a professional designer for creating them. Traffic exchanges operate on shock and awe.

In the words of Jon, you need to start by promoting yourself first. This is why you need to have that element of branding within the traffic exchanges. This is why if you are promoting some opportunity or kind of business, you get promoted with it always. The biggest secret which comes with it is getting to stick around with it. Have your name or face before the people for about a month. Usually, people give up on the traffic exchanges as they do not turn up results within 3 weeks. Remember, you ought to be slow and steady.

To have a great splash page, you need the following:

Title: The title should attract the attention of the people and without a good title you cannot have the prospect getting further beneath the web page. Get a good title; you can for instance ask something or make a surprising statement, or give details explaining how to proceed or use a good quote etc.

Offer: Offer something which has a high perceived value. If the offer is irresistible, it helps you get better signups.

Signup Forms: It should be easy for the interested prospects to understand how they need to get the freebies. The form should be unique as the people should know where to put their details.

Picture: Have your picture as this is a good way to brand yourself and put your signature on the splash page. Many are generally interested in buying from those who they think they know as it engenders a spirit of reliability. They can know you better and relate your face with the product which you are selling.

You need to remember that traffic exchanges make use of a timer and this is just 30 seconds. You have 5 seconds to create an impression with your web page and once there, the viewer has readily decided what they need within 5 seconds.

  1. What is your Backend? The backend planning should be done well as you need to create a list and sell products to them on the backend. You can focus on initial giveaways to make money at the end. Before getting started, it would be good to chart a plan for understanding your follow up.

You can thus create a relationship with the new subscribers by knowing the offers you will present them with. You can now promote your physical or audio products or may offer the products of others as an affiliate. By reselling the rights products, or spending time consulting or coaching, you can work for the prospects too.

If making money with PLR products isn't for you, then we recommend you check out our 'Top Recommendations' page for reviews on our top rated make money systems online.





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