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After following your advice I joined the free Automated Profit Package program. I'm now doing very well for myself and I'm averaging £350 per week!

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Matthew Colton, 23 from Glasgow

Thank you for your excellent recommendations and information. Especially the free internet marketing e-course. I would have happily paid for information like this.

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Samantha Robertson, 28 from Cardiff

I have been searching the internet for a few months trying to figure out the how to make money online. I joined My Home Wealth System as per your recommendation and I made £200.00 in my first week! I have also started using eBay Best Seller and the results so far are more than encouraging!

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Neil Radford, 34 from Birmingham


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E-Mail Marketing - Part 2

As mentioned previously, Email marketing is one of the most popular ways of internet advertising today. Email marketing is a form of direct marketing which uses electronic mail or ‘e-mail’ as it’s commonly known as a means of communicating trading messages to an audience that you have been associated with before.

After you have created your email marketing strategy and defined who is likely to want the information contained in your targeted e-mail marketing campaign, then your next step is to receive permission to send emails to those people.

It is advised to do a few tests of your email internet marketing campaign and then undertake an evaluation so that you can see what worked - and what didn't work. If you keep doing this process over time then you should eventually find exactly what worked so that you can maximize your profits.

When you are ready to do email-marketing you will want an email-marketing strategy. This is important because an ineffective marketing campaign of any type is a waste of money and resources. Without email marketing your online business will simply not be able to sustain itself and eventually you will fail.

This means that sometimes your marketing campaign may either not generate the degree of success you anticipated or may not generate any success at all. One of these most important principles is the importance of reaching your target audience.

Email Marketing $19/Month!





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